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June 2, 2006

Press Release: Maloney Gets Tough on Atlantic Yards

AG Candidate Asks Hard Questions of Process Project Should be “Stopped Cold” Until Community Gets Answers

June 1, Brooklyn, NY: Today Sean Patrick Maloney, former senior Clinton White House official and investigative attorney running for the Democratic nomination for New York Attorney General stood with the Brooklyn community against the Brooklyn Atlantic Yards development project. Maloney is the first and only candidate in the race for Attorney General to speak out against the Atlantic Yards project.

Maloney said, “I believe that the Brooklyn Atlantic Yards development must be stopped cold until some tough questions get asked and answered. Why do the powerful interests and political establishment treat the public interest like a burden? This isn’t about a business plan, it’s about a neighborhood.”

The Brooklyn Atlantic Yards proposal by Forest City Ratner was awarded selective bid contract by the MTA under the cloud of a secretive, less than democratic process that neglected the prerogatives of the citizens in the community. The development of the MTA rail yards (3.3 million square feet of Vanderbilt Yards) and the adjacent 4.5 million square feet will likely drastically change the neighborhood dynamic and social fabric.

Maloney announced three principles that must be addressed before the project moves forward:

I. Put People First

  • Adopt the Principles for Responsible Development
  • Maximize community involvement through ULURP process
  • Prioritize affordable housing
  • Prioritize local and minority job creation
  • Address the density, neighborhood character & congestion issues

II. Let the Sunshine In

  • Require full financial disclosure
  • Open and limit the eminent domain process
  • End conflicts of interest
  • Require independent analyses for public decision-making

III. No Foregone Conclusions

  • Keep the burden of proof on the developer
  • Maximize and encourage competition
  • Level the playing field in terms of public subsidies

Maloney told the community, “Together we can make a difference in people’s lives. New York state government continues to be strangled by political gridlock, corruption and mismanagement. As it is today, this project is the face of what’s wrong with a corrupt culture that mixes business and politics, profits and tax dollars. It is time to stand up and give power back to the working people who need it most.”

For more information visit http://www.seanmaloney.com/www.seanmaloney.com


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