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June 16, 2006

MAS says FCR's current plan "won't work," panel, crowd pile on criticism

Atlantic Yards Report

Municipal Art Society Norman Oder's detailed account of last night's Municipal Art Society (MAS) presentation begins with Kent Barwick's declaration that "Forest City Ratner’s current plan won’t work for Brooklyn" and goes on to cover the guiding principles of MAS's analysis of the plan proposal.

Stuart Pertz, an architect who serves on the MAS Planning Committee and was formerly on the city Planning Commission, elaborated on the principles: 1) Respect the existing neighborhoods 2) Don’t eliminate streets 3) Create a real public park 4) Promote lively streets 5) Don’t choke the streets

He cited the scale of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods, the importance of public parks that face streets, and the problem if a development presents “an extreme difference in scale” with neighboring streets.


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