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June 21, 2006

Lethem's open letter to Gehry makes waves in the Blogosphere

Gehryzilla.jpg Blog About Town, BROOKLYN'S TROJAN HORSE

Ratner and his cronies owe Brooklynites an apology for being so deceptive about the disruptive effect their scheme is likely to have on the community.

Crazy Stable, Fortress of Rectitude

[Lethem] lays out in devastating clarity the awfulness of this plan, and scores a few points about Gehry and Ratner that I've never seen made quite so well.

Literary Kicks, Jonathan Lethem Protests Frank Gehry Building in Brooklyn

In fact, I gave Lethem's open letter to Frank Gehry a fair read -- and I disagree with him, not automatically but completely nonetheless.

Fancy Robot, Rudderless Brooklyn

Lethem, of course, follows the quote with just the sort of elegance one would expect from a writer of his calibre:

"Pardon me, but bleeechh."

My thoughts exactly, Jon.

Posted by lumi at June 21, 2006 7:29 AM