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June 2, 2006

Eminent Domainia: Local Abuse & Castle Coalition News

Eminent Domania! The Manhattan Institute Newsletter*, Eminent Domain: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly*

Ever since the Kelo backlash, big-city mayors have been reasserting the rightness and justice of their own eminent-domain programs. Mayor Bloomberg has mounted one of the more convincing campaigns, in part because New York has some genuinely good programs. It also has some very bad ones. [Hint: Atlantic Yards is a "bad one."]

Castle Watch (Newsletter for the Institute for Justice)
Victory! Long Beach Church Defeats Eminent Domain Abuse
Churches pay no property taxes, which makes them vulnerable to eminent domain abuse. Here's the story of one church that was saved from the developer wreckingball.

Cleveland Plans to Flatten the Flats
Eminent domain abuse in Bruce Ratner's hometown of Cleveland.

City Officials Destroy Man’s Business for a Hotel, Now a Parking Lot
After the Soviet Army destroyed Ahmad Mesdaq’s homestead in Afghanistan, he pursued the American Dream in San Diego. Mesdaq lost his battle to save his neighborhood cafe. A parking lot for the new Marriot has erased all traces of one man's dream.

Blighted home of the week
The Castle Coalition's bogus blight index.

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