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June 6, 2006

DDDB Press Release: Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn Statement On Spokesman Daniel Goldstein’s Racially Insensitive Comment

BROOKLYN -- The Steering Committee of Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn issued the following statement today in response to a racially insensitive comment recently made by organization spokesman Daniel Goldstein.

Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn has worked tirelessly to bring together people of all races, ethnicities, incomes, and ages to stand against the Atlantic Yards proposal, which is a bad deal for every one of Brooklyn’s communities.

As such, we deeply regret the racially charged words our spokesman Daniel Goldstein recently used in an email with a reporter and the offense his comment has caused people on both sides of this highly-charged issue.

We can state with absolute certainty that Daniel Goldstein is not a racist. But his choice of language in this one instance was thoughtless, and we want to assure our allies and our opponents that they do not reflect the values of our organization.

We have great respect for African-Americans on the other side of this issue, despite our disagreements with them. And we are committed to fostering a healthy, dignified, and constructive dialogue about development in our community.

Now that Daniel has apologized for his comment, we hope that going forward people on both sides will refrain from raising racial implications that have no place in this debate, and that we can re-focus the conversation where it should be — on what’s best for Brooklyn.

Posted by lumi at June 6, 2006 6:19 PM