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June 19, 2006

Brooklyn's Trojan Horse

What's wrong with the buildings Frank Gehry wants to put in my neighborhood?


Slate-Slideshow.gif Native Brooklyn novelist Jonathan Lethem tells Frank Gehry what he really thinks about the Atlantic Yards plan.

Letham on scale:

The scale of this project was one of Ratner's company's preconditions for the site; it's not something that originates in your aesthetic. Guess what? It's a huge mistake—emphasis on the huge.

...on Gehry's development partner Forest City Ratner:

In the spirit of calling a liar a liar, let me be absolutely clear: Your partners have been lying to Brooklyn.

...on "Ratner's abhorrent track record:"

it's these dim, soul-crushing buildings that created such distrust in Brooklynites in the first place.

...on the Williamsburg Savings Bank tower:

Your proposal would both dwarf and block sight of the tower, the rough equivalent of erecting a new World Trade Center within a block or two of the Chrysler Building.

...on the narrative behind "Miss Brooklyn:"

Pardon me, but bleeechh. I don't know whether many great buildings have been founded on notions at once so metaphorically impoverished and so slickly patronizing.

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