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June 29, 2006

Are nine acres of interim surface parking part of the plan?

Atlantic Yards Report

"Interim surface parking" at "Atlantic Yards" is another issue that Forest City Ratner doesn't want the community to think about — enter Atlantic Yards Reporter Norman Oder.


Missing from Forest City Ratner’s latest brochure and the AtlanticYards.com web site is any mention of the two huge interim surface parking lots planned for the Atlantic Yards site, in the north central and southeast blocks of the site, blocks that are later slated for towers and landscaped open space.

How big? How many spaces? For whom? For how long? We don't know yet. The two large blocks occupy about nine acres of the 22-acre footprint. An acre can typically accommodate spaces for about 130 cars (plus driving lanes, etc.), so nine acres could provide parking for 1170 cars. It's unlikely that the entire blocks would be used for parking, though.

Still, the project would take at least ten years to build, so it's possible those parking lots could persist in whole or in part, especially if changes in economic conditions alter the development.


Posted by lumi at June 29, 2006 7:49 AM