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June 13, 2006

A rude awakening: Violations issued for FCR's Pacific Street demolition

622Pacific-Blightification.jpg Atlantic Yards Report

While Brooklyn beat reporters looked on with envy when The NY Times ran an exclusive warm-n-fuzzy story about displaced footprint residents, the entire press corp neglected to get last week's story about Forest City Ratner's demolition excesses and strong-arm tactics against footprint tenants. [It sorta sucks for the mainstream media that journalist Norman Oder is getting the best stories these days.]

622 Pacific Street — you know, the building where Forest City Ratner used a typical blightification technique by leaving the windows open to expose the structure to the elements — came down in a shower of bricks at 6:15AM, shaking the rent-stablized tenants at 624 Pacific St. (now owned by Ratner) from their beds.

622Pacific-Backhoe.jpg Norman Oder chronicles how Forest City Ratner used a backhoe to bring down walls adjacent to other buildings, instead of hand tools as specified by the demolition permits, and attorney George Locker's repeated attempts to address tenants' rights and safety by trying to get the developer to back up their repeated promises to fairly treat tenants in the footprint.

The Department of Buildings has issued a handful of violations:

The citations include: a defective fence; a failure to weatherproof the wall of the adjacent building (624 Pacific); and a failure to post DOT permits regarding the rubbish container on the street. (Photo at right taken Thursday by Norman Oder).

Forest City Ratner's contractor apparently should not have been using a backhoe in the first place, though no violation has yet been issued.


NoLandGrab: This isn't the first time that Forest City Ratner has been careless with public safety when they thought that the press wasn't looking, or used defective fencing for that matter.

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