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May 15, 2006

Gehry images reveal Atlantic Yards is smaller and shorter than Brooklyn

Our bad! The project isn't nearly as big or tall as we thought, at least according to Gehry's renderings.

Luddite activists standing in the way of progress can now safely go home, or picket Henry Ford instead, because, clearly, they were wrong.

As evidence, we offer Gehry's photographic renderings from several different locations and perspectives in surrounding neighborhoods.

The two photos that include the "Clock Tower" show clearly that the "iconic" Miss Brooklyn would not be as tall as all that (click to enlarge):

gehry11b.jpg gehry14b.jpg

In fact, Atlantic Yards is shorter than most trees and existing structures:

gehry10b.jpg gehry15b.jpg
gehry16b.jpg gehry18b.jpg

Atlantic Yards will also be mostly invisible (Site V in Park Slope is, like, barely there):

gehry12b.jpg gehry13b.jpg

And, Atlantic Yards won't have more than three or four buildings at a time:

gehry9b.jpg gehry17b.jpg

Atlantic Yards to Brooklyn: "Just pretend that I'm not even here."
There could be Gehry photo renderings that back the conventional wisdom that the project is enormous and out-of-scale, but these are all the images Forest City Ratner released.

On the other hand
For a purely amateur, but wide-angled and contrasting point of view, check out OnNYTurf's photo map of the project footprint and surrounds (mashup brought to you by Google Maps and 3-D renderings by Google Earth).

Posted by lumi at May 15, 2006 11:25 AM