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May 17, 2006

More on the Atlantic Center mall towers: hints but no details

Atlantic Yards Report AC.jpg

Forest City Ratner Atlantic Yards Development Group President Jim Stuckey tried to avoid talking about the additional construction over the Atlantic Center Mall by complaining to Brian Lehrer that, "those who oppose the project sort of bring things out and recreate them every six months or so."

If Stuckey doesn't feel like talking about it, fine, but that isn't going to stop Stormin' Norman Oder:

While there were "no detailed design plans for the sites" two years ago, given the presence of Atlantic Center towers in the Forest City models presented publicly, and Frank Gehry's statement that he was designing 20 buildings, it's reasonable to ask what the plans are now, so the additional development can be discussed publicly as well as evaluated for its environmental impact.

Stuckey pointed out that these towers were "studied in the Downtown Plan’s EIS," and approved by the City Council, so Oder went poking around:

When the city issued the DEIS, there was no timeline for development at Site 5, while new development was projected for 2008 at the Atlantic Center site. Notably, the 308 residential units then planned for Site 5 would occupy the already allowable 308,000 square feet; the second MOU has shifted 328,272 square feet from the 1.586 million square feet allowable at Atlantic Center, so the building at Site 5 (right) would be much bigger.
Perhaps the developer will answer some questions about its plans and timetable for towers at the mall.


Posted by lumi at May 17, 2006 8:03 AM