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May 11, 2006

Ground Control to Major Tom, Gehryland is Outta this World

2006_05_atlanticyardsgehry.jpeg The lost brochure photos were found at this morning's press conference which was closed to the community and bloggers alike.

The word is that Gehry Studios is striving to "emulate" the "body language of Brooklyn," which according to Gehry's latest renderings must be a gigantic launch pad.

OK seriously, we love "fabulous" architecture as much as the next guy, but images released at today's press conferenece leave a lot of outstanding questions:

Would all this glass and steel withstand the NYPD terrorism and security scrutiny that drastically altered the Freedom Tower?

How is this project smaller than originally announced? Yeah, Forest City Ratner made the project bigger in between the initial project announcement and the Final Scope, but the press doesn't fall for that stuff, right?

Was Gehry's press conference supposed to deflect attention from the public ridicule of last week's brochure, or was last week's brochure sent out to deflect attention from the public ridicule of this week's press conference?

And what about: * eminent domain, * MTA land going to the lowest (not highest) bidder, * taxpayer financing of stadiums and arenas for multi-millionaire team owners, * increased traffic and pollution, * an impending urban planning disaster, * and the fact that this project may be approved by an un-elected board?

The weird thing about the press conference is that the entire bunch must be drinking the same kool-aid. Otherwise, why would Forest City Ratner and their PR batallion think that Brooklynites and the press would fall for a plan that is somewhat smaller than previously announced, but bigger than the initial rollout, just because Frank Gehry has now wraped the tall buildings in his signature skins and has decided to share his thoughts and feelings on Brooklyn.

The NYC cultural elite isn't spellbound by Frank Gehry anymore, the press is getting tired of being played by the Ratner PR machine, and Brooklynites are frustrated that Ratner and his pet pols do not seem to be listening.

Posted by lumi at May 11, 2006 4:34 PM