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May 9, 2006


In a caustic name-calling column, Andrea Peyser goes on the attack against the DDDB Advisory Board:

The ninnies who condescend to spend millions to buy up the greenest, priciest sections of Brooklyn - and constantly boast about their "edgy" lifestyle - are banding together to make sure nothing grows here. Ever.
If only one of these guys came up with a better plan.


NoLandGrab: The column hardly deserves a response except to say that Atlantic Yards critics have been advocating all along for more neighborhood-friendly alternatives that promote jobs, affordable housing and do not rely upon eminent domain to force people from their homes.

FYI: Peyser is on record in her support of the plan. Atlantic Yards Report cites:

A 4/12/04 New York Post column by Andrea Peyser, headlined "NETS' ARENA WILL 'WORK' WONDERS," began: The naysayers, whiners and professional "no" people will whine and say nay. But I offer 10,000 incontrovertible reasons why the planned Nets basketball arena in Downtown Brooklyn is not just a good idea, but a crucial one: Ten-thousand jobs.

Has Peyser's support waned now that Forest City Ratner has cut their still-inflated jobs claims to eliminate 4,000 of Peyser's "incontrovertible reasons?"

Posted by lumi at May 9, 2006 8:44 AM