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May 15, 2006

Catching up with Atlantic Yards Report

Norman Oder is posting up a storm in the wake of the Stuckey-Gehry-Olin show, in which the new "Three Men in a Room" revealed the new-ish plans for the arena and 16 high-rise proposal.

Here are some AY Report posts we missed:

Hidden in plain sight: new towers over the Atlantic Center mall
Here's one the entire press corps missed -- Frank Gehry and Jim Stuckey failed to mention the three towers over the Atlantic Center Mall. In January, Gehry spoke of some 20 buildings to be designed by him at the site (NY Times Arts & Leisure Weekend).

If the Atlantic Center Mall towers are the missing buildings and are part of a separate-but-related plan, the discussion of these high-rises should not be limited to Atlantic Yards Report and the second un-released Memorandum of Understanding.

ACORN's Lewis vs. three Community Boards: is one side lying?
ACORN's Bertha Lewis says that "people" who signed the Ratner Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) were not hand-picked, they "self selected in, and self selected out."

Community Boards 2, 6, & 8 do not name names, but contend that "some eventual signatories barred us from attending the working sessions" for the CBA.

Atlantic Yards Report wonders "is one side lying?"

Hint: One side is contractually obliged "to take resonable steps to publicly support the Project." (see HousingMOU.pdf)

Stuckey's stonewall re CBs: another detail

In an article headlined Community boards to Ratner: Stop your fibbin’, the Brooklyn Papers adds an important detail to the story on the complaint by three Community Boards that the developer has misrepresented their participation in "crafting" the Community Benefits Agreement.

The detail: The response by Forest City Ratner VP Jim Stuckey came in a statement, not an interview. In other words, Stuckey chose to dance around the question, with no opportunity to follow up.

Comparing AY 2005 vs. 2006--and why did the Times downplay the latest?
The last time Frank Gehry unveiled design updates for the Atlantic Yards plan it was a front-page NY Times exclusive. This year, Gehry unveils his new designs and it lands on page B5 (Metro section).

Did the Times downplay Gehry or did Gehry downplay the Times?

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