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May 16, 2006

Can’t See the Forest

Brian Lehrer The Brian Lehrer Show

It wasn't a mano-a-mano Dan Goldstein smackdown of Forest City Ratner's President of the Atlantic Yards Project Jim Stuckey -- but since Stuckey wasspinning like a dj and Goldstein got the last word, it pretty much was a unanimous decision for Develop Don't Destroy's spokesperson.

Amazingly, the call-in happened to feature guest appearances by "Al [Rosner] from Brooklyn" and "Anthony [Pugliese] from Brooklyn." Do you think that one of these days some regular caller is going to get through to say his or her piece on this issue? Or, are the lines usually flooded by the foot soldiers for the cause, whichever side they may represent?

Highlights were Goldstein's visual aids (leave the Power Point at home Dan, it's radio!) and Brian Lehrer's appreciation of being emailed a filing cabinet's-worth of documents on the controversial development for some light rainy-weekend reading.

Apparently Goldstein didn't point Lehrer to Brooklyn Views' tutorial on Floor Area Ratio (FAR), because once Stuckey started riffing on the comparisons between Atlantic Yards and the Downtown Brooklyn Plan, there was no stopping him. Stuckey should have been given a warning for holding - holding onto the notion that talk radio hosts don't do FAR.

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