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May 11, 2006

Architect Gehry reveals more of plan for Nets arena in Brooklyn

AP, via NY Newsday
By David B. Caruso

AP sends a new reporter who has a hard time parsing fact from fiction at the Ratner press conference.

By 2009, the NBA's Nets could be playing home games beneath the billowing glass skirts of a 60-story skyscraper nicknamed Miss Brooklyn.

To start with, anyone who believes that the Nets will be playing in the arena in 2009 is probably in contract for a nearby bridge.

So far, Caruso is the only reporter who bought the parking line:

Any fans thinking about trying to drive in for a game should fuhgeddaboutit.

"It's not an arena in a parking lot, like in the Meadowlands," Gehry said.

Last month, Aaron Naparstek and Jonathan Cohn both revealed that Ratner planned on using the eastern portion of the site as surface parking for the arena until (and if) the rest of the project gets built.

And here's Ratner's party-line coup:

Few are mourning what Ratner's development will replace _ a railyard, ugly industrial buildings and hodgepodge of auto repair shops _ but hundreds of protesters have marched and rallied to complain about the expected influx of new residents and traffic.

Huh? Which one of those would be Dan Goldstein's place?


NoLandGrab: This article has been picked up by media outlets nationwide, which is too bad. It's really not Caruso's fault; our experience watching the mainstream media cover Bruce Ratner's $3.5-billion development has informed us that reporters who are green to this story usually fall for Ratner's spin until they get up to speed on all of the issues.

Typically, we leave the detailed media commentary to Atlantic Yards Report, but this article was so far out in Gehryland that we had to do our own "Oderous" analysis.

The Reuters wire story, "Gehry unveils vision for Brooklyn arena," by Martine Geller is more straightforward (read: isn't a publicity coup for Bruce Ratner).

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