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April 13, 2006

Eminent Domainia: Lower Manhattan, national takings and Weld's flip-flop


More than 100 small businesses - a microcosm of New York commerce that includes florists, opticians, tailors, immigration lawyers, dentists and jewelers - are being forced from their current locations to make way for a $785-million transit hub at Fulton Street and Broadway.

The Cincinnati Enquirer, City wants bond from holdouts
For a taste of the surreal, the city of Newport, OH wants Jeff and Susan Sams to pay the city $812,096 for each year that the law suit to fight seizure of their home continues, that is, if they insist on staying and defying the wrecking ball.

Hammer of Truth, Bill Weld as a Libertarian Party Candidate in New York?
A libertarian blog quotes the NY Daily News that Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Weld may be seeking the Libertarian Party nomination, despite the fact that, as Joe pointed out on ThirdPartyWatch.com, "The Republican Liberty Caucus of New York has expressed reservations about Weld. He seems to be on both sides of the eminent domain issue."

Castle Watch, Stockbridge City Officials Poised to Seize Family Business
Mark and Regina Meeks's flower shop was finally saved after a County judge found that the City of Stockbridge, GA "failed to show that the shop would be used for public purposes."

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