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April 4, 2006

"Coming way back"? FCR disses Gehry's prediction, lies twice in press release

Atlantic Yards Report

Norman Oder states it plainly:

What's clear is this: the developer proposed a huge project, made it bigger, than scaled it back modestly and claimed it had been responsive to community concerns. That's hardly an unusual scenario in the development game.

Apparently, Oder is the only person who actually reads Forest City Ratner's press releases, as he stumbles into Bruce Bender's lie (or gross misunderstanding):

"For nearly three years, and long before the formal review of the project began last fall, we have been meeting with elected officials, community leaders and civic and local organizations to incorporate their ideas into the Atlantic Yards project."

"we... have identified innovative ways to scale down the original design to better meet the needs of the borough and the surrounding communities."

Oops Bruce, if you are referring to the "original design" from "three years" ago, then the project clearly hasn't been scaled down.

Oder's media analysis takes the Post, Daily News and NY1 to task for not even mentioning the fact that the project is bigger than originally proposed, notes that Marty "would not yet say whether he believed the project had shrunk enough," and calculates the new "50/50 affordable housing" percentage to be 41%.


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