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April 10, 2006

Atlantic Yards position AWOL on Yassky's campaign web site

Atlantic Yards Report

davidyassky01.jpg City Councilmember and US Congressional candidate David Yassky has taken a position on censure of President Bush, but where does he stand on Atlantic Yards?

Yassky does have a record of mixing enthusiasm and concern. At the 5/26/05 City Council hearing, according to a 6/2/05 Brooklyn Downtown Star article headlined Hearing Turns Into Back-'Yards' Brawl, ACORN's Bertha Lewis declared, "It's time for some affirmative support...I want the councilmembers to roll up their sleeves and help us on this," and Yassky responded by taking off his jacket and began rolling up his sleeves.

Later, however Yassky expressed concerns about traffic, project scale, and the project's impact on city and social services. "I don't think it's adequate to leave it to the ESDC and wait and see," he told FCR VP Jim Stuckey. "There are concrete things that we can do ahead of time."

Stuckey responded that the responses would be in the project's environmental impact statement (EIS). "It doesn't make sense to speculate right now," Stuckey insisted.

But Yassky's instinct to address problems sooner rather than later seems sound. The Draft EIS won't arrive until late May or early June, and Forest City Ratner president Bruce Ratner expects government approval (meaning Final EIS, plus other signoffs) by mid-fall. That's not a lot of time.


Posted by lumi at April 10, 2006 8:34 AM