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April 5, 2006

Gehryland, USA

Metropolis via Business Week
By Christopher Hawthorne

The Metropolis article about how two of America's most prominent metropolitan centers are giving free rein to Frank Gehry is published online on BusinessWeek.com.

Brooklynites may want to give it another read, now that the Final Scope of Analysis for the Environmental Impact Statement has been released.

When Gehry shows the models for the Atlantic Yards to a community group or a reporter, there might come a moment when he imperceptibly readies his hand atop one of the residential towers, back by the intersection of Vanderbilt Avenue and Dean Street. Then just as he is saying that what he really wants to do is convince the client to make the design more modest in scale, he pulls that part of the model off with a dramatic flourish, magically providing light and air to the miniature Brooklynites walking on one of the model's interior paths. He holds that chunk of tower in his hand and says he's worried, he's concerned, if you ask him the whole thing ought to be smaller, it would just work better that way. And somewhere, as his handpicked architect gets to the end of this tremendously effective monologue, Ratner smiles.


Posted by lumi at April 5, 2006 8:34 AM