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March 21, 2006

The warning signs against a Brooklyn Nets

Here's NewYorkGames.org's reaction to the news that Ratner is seeking new investors in the NJ Nets to cover mounting losses:

The warning signs against a Brooklyn Nets are accumulating rapidly:

  • The Nets borrowed another $60 million only last year for the same purpose. Looks like the banks won't give them any more.

  • With the resistence to placing the arena in a brownstone neighborhood strengthening, it's very likely that there'll be many more years of red ink.

  • The team was supposed to move in 2007 (with a worse case of 2008). Now they say 2009, but the new lease allows them to stay in New Jersey forever.

Link to the rest of NewYorkGames's list.

NoLandGrab: The previous $60-million loan NewYorkGames cites recalls the $40.5-million bridge loan Ratner took out in Dec, 2004, in another move to cover rising costs of the project from a non-traditional lender.

Posted by lumi at March 21, 2006 3:13 PM