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January 3, 2006


QuinndeBlasio.jpgThat sound you heard this morning was the collective sigh of relief of Brooklyn's neighborhood activists, upon hearing the news that big Ratner booster Bill deBlasio has thrown in the towel and announced his support for Councilmember Christine Quinn (Manhattan) in the race for City Council Speaker.

Chirstine Quinn led the opposition to the West Side Stadium deal and, to date, has publicily stated concerns about the other Big Bloomberg Boondoggle, Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards.

Brooklynites' frustration with City government stems from Bloomberg's and Ratner's City Council supporters' willingness to cede local planning and oversight of Ratner's proposal to NY State, where the environmental review process is less stringent. Under State review, local representatives have no authority to try to improve the project.

Brooklynites are looking forward to bold leadership in the Council that represents the interests of the entire city, not just those making backroom deals with Bloomberg.

Here's today's coverage:
NY Daily News, History in the Council

[Kings County Democratic Chairman Vito] Lopez said he wanted to make sure Brooklyn participated in the final decision.

"Although my objective was to get a Brooklyn speaker, I didn't want history to repeat itself," said Lopez, noting that Brooklyn members were shut out of important committee posts because they didn't support Miller.

Sources said de Blasio is pushing for a leadership position in the Council.

The NY Times, Council Ready to Fill the Job of Speaker

The speaker wields enormous influence over the city's $50.2 billion budget, and most land use and zoning issues.

Ms. Quinn, a close ally of Mr. Miller's, is perhaps best known for rallying opponents against the Bloomberg administration's plan to build a football stadium in her West Side district.

The NY Sun, Quinn Appears Set To Accede As the Speaker

The job is one of the most powerful in the city because the council has important land-use authorities and control over part of the budget. It also serves as a counterweight to the mayor’s authority.

In exchange for its support, Queens is likely to hold onto the chairmanships of the council’s two most powerful committees, land use and finance. It was unclear yesterday what Brooklyn and the Bronx would get for their support, but the chairmanships of several committees, including education, health, and government operations, are now up for grabs.


NY Newsday, Quinn close to top job

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