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December 21, 2005

Support the TWU

Fans For Fair Play explains why those who have kept up on their Ratner reading are more pissed at the MTA than the transit workers union.

The MTA is nickel-and-diming the transit workers while they've spent the last two years:

  • wasting millions on their new corporate headquarters;
  • ripping off taxpayers by offering the Hudson rail yards to the lowest bidder, the New York Jets;
  • ripping off taxpayers to the tune of another $150 million (at least) by accepting another lowest-bid, Bruce Ratner's, at the Vanderbilt Yards here in Brooklyn;
  • drooling over the prospects of wasting $400 million dollars to build a concrete platform over the Hudson yards in a dicey and dubious "let's play real-estate developer" bid;
  • maintaining separate books for pubic and private dissemination;
  • issuing roller-coaster "we're going broke!" or "we're swimmin' in cash!" declarations, particularly galling with the strike, because just a month ago the MTA was bragging about their billion-dollar surplus, offering minimal holiday discounts to straphangers.


Posted by lumi at December 21, 2005 6:58 AM