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December 5, 2005

Rangel wants eminent domain bill reworked

Crain's NY Business

Speaking at a Crain’s New York Business forum today, Rep. Rangel said the bill should clarify the conditions for eminent domain usage rather than leave the question to courts. He would allow eminent domain if it were used to produce affordable housing, he said. The bill seems to allow for that, though it isn't mentioned specifically in the text, his office said.

At the same forum, Rep. Anthony Weiner stated his support for Ratner's project on the grounds that Ratner will be able to buy all of the private property without having to use eminent domain.


NoLandGrab: Usually we try to connect the dots for our readers, but we are at a loss to explain Rangel's position, since his office isn't really clear on the language of the bill. Weiner's position is really incredible and may be the result of spending more time with Ratner, than with homeowners who have vowed to fight the threat of condemnation.

Posted by lumi at December 5, 2005 7:12 PM