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December 4, 2005

Q&A With the Man Who Would Remake Bklyn


From the Park Slope Courier. Ratner uses the word 'respect' in a sentence. Incorrectly.

The challenge for developing in Brooklyn – for developing anywhere, really – is to respect the character of the place while providing for the needs of today and tomorrow, in terms of housing, work and retail space.

Maybe Ratner defines respect as taking people's houses and businesses when they do not wish to sell them, knocking down all of the existing buildings in an entire thriving neighborhood, and plopping down 16 tower buildings ranging from 20 to 58 stories high in a low rise area. Perhaps 'obliterate' was the word he was looking for.


Not to worry, TimesRatnerReport is already on top of the debunking.

Posted by amy at December 4, 2005 12:11 PM