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November 17, 2005

Ratner's PR strategy shift

The Terrie Williams/Bruce Ratner PR machine is now deploying people to stump for the Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) who uniformly and unequivocally state that they "aren't" or "were not initially" for the Atlantic Yards project and still have "concerns" about or "conditionally support" the project.

This new strategy benefits Ratner, by serving to counter the impression that the groups are "handpicked" and were formed for the express purpose of supporting the project, the primary criticism of Atlantic Yards CBA. The move also creates the appearance that the CBA is more akin to the Staples Center agreement, the nation's first CBA, which, critics say, should have been a template for Ratner's.

This change in Ratner's PR strategy, led by the Terrie Williams PR agency, hired to publicize the CBA, was untilized at the Fordham Law School panel discussion yesterday evening. Yesterday's panelists who supported the CBA with reservations about the project were Darnell Canada of Rebuild and Charlene Nimmons of Public Housing Communities.

Posted by lumi at November 17, 2005 6:35 AM