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November 28, 2005

Monday: Special Report with the Cleveland Plain Dealer


FCEUniversityPark.jpgToday's installment on the Plain Dealer's week-long series on Forest City Enterprises focuses on the development of the "biotech park."

Boston project creates new niche
Early missteps in partnership with MIT led Forest City to change it's tack. By listening to the community and making concessions, they were able to secure the hard-fought zoning changes needed to build University Park.

NLG Note: Brooklynites will wince when they learn that one of the outstanding criticisms of the project is that the open space is located in the center of the development, seeming to turn its back on the surrounding community. This is a concern with the Atlantic Yards project.

Change in plans sparks new specialty, leading to tech proposal in Cleveland
University Park was first conceived as a tech park, but when it became apparent that there was more interest for an office park for bio-tech research companies, the project morphed. The success of University Park has inspired the development of similar facilities near Johns Hopkins and Case Western Reserve.

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