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November 4, 2005

Fallen marketing genius turned spinmeister

Stupid us, just when NoLandGrab tried to give Ratner credit for something, it turns out that the public and press were being duped again.

The big story after the drubbing the Nets received in their home opener was that the game was sold out.

During Brett Yormark's interview on WFAN with Mike and the Mad Dog, at issue were the thousands of empty seats in plain sight, while the Nets laid claim to a sell-out crowd of 20,098.

Yormark: “There wasn’t seven-thousand no shows.”

Francesa: “Your announced crowd was 20,098, you said 17, which is a pipedream, I was trying to be charitable at 15. I’ve got other guys who have been in that building a million times who thought, 12 or 13,000 in the building that night — there were so many empty seats it was a joke.”

As the interview went on, Mike and Chris didn’t let up, both telling Yormark, “You totally misled everyone.”


NoLandGrab: Is it just us or does everyone who works for Ratner have trouble telling the truth?

Sorry, but we have to take back yesterday's compliment, when we called Yormark a "marketing genius." Turns out he's just another spinmeister, like the rest of Ratner’s henchmen.

Also, NLG mainly links to the news, so we have an excuse for being stupid, but aren't reporters supposed to check this stuff out first, maybe take a peek themselves?

Posted by lumi at November 4, 2005 6:02 PM