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October 14, 2005

To Build Arena, Developer First Builds Bridges

Letitia JamesThe NY Times
by Nicholas Confessore

The Times outlines Ratner's PR masterstroke, building "community" support, complete with dates and times, mostly provided by Ratner's slick PR machine.

NYS Assemblymember Roger Green and ACORN come out pretty much unscathed, but serious questions linger about Rev. Daughtry's sincerity and BUILD's financial ties.

BUILD now has a new spokesperson who admits that FCRC paid BUILD $100K "two months after" the community benefits agreement was signed. [Is that supposed to mean that there was no quid pro quo?] FCRC is also providing material support in office space, furniture and computers. Though Louis and Caldwell previously claimed they weren't being paid a salary, the spokesperson now concedes that they have been drawing a salary, but at a rate less than half of what BUILD claimed on the damning IRS form.


NoLandGrab: Though the article attempts to get to the bottom of Ratner's "community support," Ratner's professional PR machine once again did a great job of co-opting and spinning the debate in the pages of the Times. Brooklynites should be able to get the picture if they read the article with a grain of salt.

Posted by lumi at October 14, 2005 8:47 AM