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October 27, 2005

Testimony, Prospect Place Block Association

Prospect Place Block Association 173 Prospect Place Brooklyn, NY 11238

Atlantic Yards
c/o Planning & Environmental Review
Empire State Development Corporation
633 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10017

October 25, 2005

Dear Empire State Development Corporation:
I am writing on behalf of the Prospect Place Block Association to express our strong misgivings regarding the effects of the proposed Atlantic Yards project on our block, on our neighborhood and on the surrounding communities. We are apprehensive about the proposed scale of the project, about the traffic, noise and air pollution. We are fearful about further increases in pedestrian and bicycle accidents on Vanderbilt Avenue and other streets.

We are encouraged that you will study the effects of the proposed project on the following areas:
• energy
• solid waste
• water supply
• sewage
• libraries
but as the plan stands, we foresee that the effects will be unmitigatable.

With the doubling of the residential population in Prospect Heights under the proposed project, we are startled that there is no study on the proposed project’s impact on the provision of the following services:
• police;
• fire;
• schools;
• postal; and
• publicly-owned open space.

We are dismayed that the newly thriving arts community and the service industries and communities that support them will be displaced by the proposed project.

We consider the scope of the land use study area wholly inadequate. Studying an area only 1/2 mile from the site completely ignores the massive impact of this proposed project. The proposed project, large as it is, however, is only one of many projects being built in Brooklyn. We therefore call on the City and State to study the effects of all of the large-scale projects contemplated for Brooklyn, and their cumulative effects on businesses, residences and the environment over the next 40 years. Similarly, the Traffic Study Area is wholly inadequate and should extend to all of Brooklyn and into parts of Manhattan and Queens. The proposed project will not only affect the intersection of Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues. As any resident of Brooklyn will tell you, one double parked car in front of Junior’s Restaurant backs up traffic on the Manhattan Bridge. The proposed solutions to these traffic problems, such as widening Flatbush Avenue, are completely inadequate to deal with the influx of 18,000 new residents, 20,000 sports fans and the additional commercial activity.

Finally, we strongly urge that the Empire State Development Corporation provide, at a minimum, 2% of the proposed construction budget to community groups, particularly the Council of Brooklyn Neighborhoods (which includes our block association), and the affected Community Boards so that they can adequately study the draft EIS.


Cc: Hon. Charles A. Gargano
Hon. Marty Markowitz
Hon. Roger L. Greene
Hon. Letitia James
Hon. Velmanette Montgomery
Hon. Michael R. Bloomberg

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