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October 17, 2005

Sneaky doings at the Brooklyn Standard: How did Ratner's propaganda sheet snag a NY Times contributor?

Breaking news from the TimesRatnerReport:

schweber.jpgUn-freakin'-believable! The relationship between Ratner and the Times has just gotten even murkier.

Four stories in the latest installment of Ratner's pseudo-newspaper, The Brooklyn Standard, carry the same byline as a Times stringer? Normally the Times considers this to be a conflict of interest and a breach of ethics.

[Schweber] said he didn't write that lead story, nor another with his byline, though he did write two others, at least in some form.

Read Oder's analysis of "Schweber's" "articles" and Schweber's attempt to salvage his reputation and career at the NY Times.


On another note, Oder points out that there is something amiss with the caption "A panoramic view of Vanderbilt Yards today," in his article, "Dissecting the Fall 2005 issue of the Brooklyn Standard: more distortions, evasions, and lies."

See the four-story brick building in the center? Well, one of the tenants won't sell to Ratner, and has posted a banner outside his window that reads "I love my neighborhood and my home. And I intend to stay." Either this picture was taken years ago, before Ratner announced the Atlantic Yards plan, or that banner was excised from the picture.

Posted by lumi at October 17, 2005 5:11 PM