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October 21, 2005

"Lose Your House" by Eminem Domain

eminendomain.jpg (speaking)
If you had one shot
One opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted
Through eminent domain
Would you grab it?
Or just let it slip?

In New London ... in Connectikitty
Homeowners are weak, but City Hall is heavy
And it can taste increased tax revenue already
And that's gotta be better for the public benefitty

The State's right to seize propitty
Goes back to King John
Until the Magna Carta barons wrote some restrictions down
But that old crowd, now, it ain't so loud, wow
Civic progress is chokin'! Your rights need to be broken -- now!
The clock's run out! Time's up! Over! Blaow!

today's reality, might as well fight gravity
Oh, there goes Sue Kelo, she's
Stoked, she's so mad, but she
Won't give up that easy
No, she won't have it
Her ol' back's to the ropes
It don't matter, poor dope
She knows that, 'cuz she's broke
The deck's so stacked, and she knows it
Might as well move to a mobile home
And stop givin' her crap to the guvamint, yo
This whole "rights" shit
We can capture your home, shit, and it's legal! Sic passim!

You're gonna...
Lose your house! Face the music! You've blown it!
You think you "own" it, but you better let it go, go!
You only get one shot -- now the city needs its chance to grow
So with impunity, we can fuck your life up, yo...

We can grab anything we take a shine to, man...

Posted by Stevo Darkly, 02/26/05, http://www.reason.com/hitandrun/2005/02/newatreason_437.shtml

Posted by lumi at October 21, 2005 12:05 AM