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October 20, 2005

ESDC hears the critics on scale, scope, and more; BUILD is subdued; will affordable housing move east offsite?

Stuck in the office? Or, couldn't break a date to attend last night's ESDC hearing?

Check out the TimesRatnerReport for the best objective account of who said what at last night's hearing.

Get the scoop on where the politicians stand; the unions' point of view; traffic; air pollution; terrorism & security; traffic calming; the footprint property owner who can't get an answer as to why his property was listed in the ESDC document as already being controlled by Ratner; what James Caldwell has to say for himself; water pollution; why the time frame of the EIS is too short; open space; and blight.

Norman Oder took great notes and synthesized a SIX-hour meeting into a five-minute reading.

Of particular interest are Oder's notes on NY State Assemblymember Roger Green's testimony. Green spoke well after the press left to file their stories. Brooklynites want to know if Roger Green is setting the stage for an affordable housing bait and switch?


Also, for a more personal account of last night's hearing, read frogma, Brooklyn arena proposal hearing.

Posted by lumi at October 20, 2005 1:07 AM