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October 18, 2005

BUILD admits Ratner funding

The Daily News

Never mind the "smoking gun," Juan Gonzalez drops a BOMBSHELL!

It has taken a while for the story to develop because Forest City Ratner is coming clean in drips and drabs.

[BUILD] has finally admitted it is being bankrolled by Forest City Ratner, the project's developer.

First, Ratner lied about funding BUILD, and BUILD lied about being Ratner-funded. Then, BUILD's own IRS form indicated otherwise. When confronted by their own IRS filing, BUILD claimed no money changed hands.

Then late last week, the group and Ratner made a clarification.
Yes, some money has changed hands.

Aside from cash, Ratner also paid the bill on the Pacific St. storefront location, bought the office equipment, paid for BUILD's PR agency, and for BUILD to distribute both issues of The Brooklyn "it's-not-a-newspaper" Standard.

But wait there's more!

Read about how BUILD not only repeatedly lied to the press and the community, which is a sin, but also broke the law!


Posted by lumi at October 18, 2005 3:30 PM