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September 3, 2005

O.K., the Whole Paper Is Basically an Ad

The NY Times
by Michael Brick

No, it's not what you think — another Times mea culpa, this time throwing themselves on the mercy of Brooklynites, conceding, "YES, we HAVE been shilling for Ratner. Our internal investigation revealed that all articles covering our business buddy Bruce Ratner and his company were actually ghost written by some guy named 'Joey from Cobble Hill.'" [Yup, were really trippin' here at NLG.]

BKStand.jpgIn reality, the Times is covering Ratner's "newspaper-shaped thing," The Brooklyn Standard, and muses about its ties to Walt Whitman:

Though the new Standard invokes the legacy of the old Brooklyn Standard and the subsequent Brooklyn Standard Union, [Ratner spokesperson Joe] DePlasco said it "would be presumptuous of us to suggest what Whitman would have thought."

Mr. Goldstein, one of the arena opponents, hazarded a guess.

"I think he'd probably say he prefers free verse to free propaganda," he said.

Despite the free distribution, the efforts of one "young, indefatigable reporter," the rejection of free press by Rooftop Films, the adulation of Ratner and his "customary humble, winsome manner" and the fact that local activist Patti Hagan has memorized the first issue and waits for the second installment "with bated breath," the NY Times probably isn't fretting about losing market share to the Ratner rag.


Posted by lumi at September 3, 2005 8:41 AM