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August 7, 2005

Eminent Domain Super Post!

Check out the recent coverage of eminent domain:

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Public-use ruling has political backlash
Report on political backlash with some commentary by academic experts.

The Sun News, Myrtle Beach
Property, civil rights at root the same thing
This letter to the editor explains how property rights are civil or human rights.

First Amendment Center
Eminent domain: Seize a church, build a mall?
Religious right has cause for concern.

Washington Times
The Kelo calamity
The effects of the Kelo ruling.

"The takings were limited to the amount needed to provide a community with transportation or electric power. However, in the 1980s a major new development was initiated by the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA). MARTA was one of the first to condemn more property than it needed to serve "public purpose." The transit authority reasoned that property surrounding a new transportation station would rise in value because of the increased ease of commuting from the site. The authority decided that since its station caused the rise in property values, it should benefit by condemning property for resale after value rose. People with condemned property blocks from the new stations sued and lost."

Magic City Morning Star
The Supreme Court Takes the Fifth
Small business owners are often the victims of e.d. abuse in favor of politically connected big business.

Three links in reaction to Howard Dean's totally backwards comment on the US Supreme Court's Kelo ruling. Apparently, it initially went unnoticed in the mainstream press, but was picked up by sniggering conservative bloggers this past week:

Wizbang! Howard Dean is Just Loco
Village Soup Dr. Dean's misdirected outrage
Rocky Mountain News Kelo misunderstood

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