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June 28, 2005

DDDb Preess Release: Ratner’s So-called “Community” Benefits Agreement

Ratner’s 20-year History of Broken Promises Show Bad Faith

BROOKLYN, NY– On Monday the Mayor's office released a press statement headlined, “Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, Forest City Ratner CEO and President Bruce Ratner and Civic Leaders Sign Community Benefits Agreement (CBA).” Some press accounts had visuals showing the Mayor signing a document. The Mayor, as well as the City, are not signatories to this agreement. The agreement is between a smattering of 8 groups and Forest City Ratner (FCR). None of those 8 groups represent the areas that would be directly impacted by FCR’s proposal.

Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn (DDDB) spokesman Daniel Goldstein said, “Bruce Ratner’s firm, for the past 20 years, has left a trail of broken promises through the Borough of Brooklyn. The so-called ‘CBA’ announced yesterday leaves room for FCR to continue breaking promises, as the penalties will simply be the cost of doing business. With the FCR track record, there is no reason to believe there is good faith involved here.”

Goldstein continued, “The Mayor’s little PR dance is dangerously misleading. It pretends that this document has accountability to the City and the Administration. It has no such accountability. The only accountability is between Ratner’s corporation and 8 groups that, overall, do not represent the wide spectrum of community groups* surrounding, and in, the proposed development site.”

Further misleading statements appeared in the Mayor’s press release, including the claim that the FCR proposal “will create 8,500 permanent new jobs, 4,500 mixed-income apartments…” FCR themselves only claim 6,000 jobs and have admitted at a City Council hearing that they cannot guarantee that any new permanent jobs would be created or that local residents would get the jobs. FCR said at the same Council hearing that they now plan on building 6,000 or even 7,300 housing units, with no commitment to make those additional units affordable. This would reduce the percentage of so-called affordable units to a mere 18 percent.

  • For a list of Organizations that are Opposed to or Deeply Concerned about the proposed Forest City Ratner Nets Arena, 19-highrise Proposal for Brooklyn, go here: www.dddb.net/opponents.php

Monday's DDDB "CBA" press release: http://www.dddb.net/062705CBArelease.php

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