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May 20, 2005

Ratner Pledges 50% Affordable Housing

bertha-n-mike.jpgYesterday, Bruce Ratner and ACORN head Bertha Lewis, along with Mayor Bloomberg announced details of the affordable housing component of Ratner's arena and 17 high-rise proposal.

Appearing at ringside were the following political figures: Rev. Herbert R. Daughtry, Brooklyn BP Marty Markowitz, NYC Councilmembers Bill deBlasio & Yvette Clarke, State Assemblymembers Roger Greene, Joe Lentol & Clarence Norman, State Senators Marty Golden & Kevin Parker, US Assemblyman Edolphus Towns, and head of the teacher's union, Randi Weingarten.

NoLandGrab Cheap Shot: Why Randi Weingarten appeared on the gravy train is anyone's guess. But, it was nice to see Roger Green and Clarence Norman basking in the spotlight despite their recent legal troubles.

The NY Times, Brooklyn Arena Plan Calls for Many Subsidized Units
The Times describes the scene and carries a quote from PICCED's Brad Lander:

At a news conference announcing the agreement at Brooklyn Borough Hall yesterday morning, a row of elected officials including Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and the borough president, Marty Markowitz, joined Mr. Ratner and Bertha Lewis, the executive director of Acorn, to praise one another in a celebration that included kisses, hugs and some dancing.

Brad Lander, director of the Pratt Institute Center for Community and Environmental Development, said the agreement was a shrewd political move for Mr. Ratner and a substantive accomplishment for Acorn.

"They're looking to build a broader base of support, in many ways, from a wider geographic area of Brooklyn, in part to counter opposition from other folks," Mr. Lander said. "It's a fairly transparent strategy, but it's also something real. Acorn gets a significant amount of subsidized housing."

Letter to the editor

NY Newsday, CAMPAIGN '05, Praise from an unexpected source
Newsday carried the story from the perspective of a mayoral campaign photo op.

Praising the Ratner's project in the "long-languishing Atlantic Avenue section of Brooklyn" as "surely a win for New York," the Post takes a shot at the mayor for "cozying up to radicals" like Bertha Lewis and Randi Weingarten and complains that housing in NYC is already "outrageously over-subsidized." Showing a bit of ideological hypocracy, the conservative paper has no problem with millions in subsidies for rich developers.

Bloomberg, Nets' Brooklyn Move to Create Affordable Housing, Ratner Says
The NY Sun, Ratner Delivers on 'Affordable Housing'
NY1, Nets Owner Promises To Build More Affordable Housing In Downtown Brooklyn

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