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March 24, 2005

Sent By God? In Ratner's Big Check We Trust

Brooklyn Downtown Star: Ratner supporters heap religious rhetoric during press conference for Ratner's $1 million deposit at Carver Federal Savings Bank.


"As I stand here the life of Martin Luther King comes to mind," said Reverend Herbert Daughtry.

James Caldwell, president of BUILD, another pro-Atlantic Yards group, thanked God and Ratner for the big check, which he said "gives the little people an opportunity." "This is bringing opportunity to our community," Caldwell said. "It is truly great to work with a person who was sent by God."

"We thank Bruce for supporting small businesses in Brooklyn and congratulate him on the tremendous growth his firm has shepherded to an important community corridor," [Carver's CEO and President Debbie] Wright said in a press release.


NoLandGrab: Little people? Sent from God? Geez Caldwell, tell "the little people" what you really think.

Posted by lumi at March 24, 2005 8:17 AM