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March 22, 2005

Black & White Issue, Or Many Shades of Gray?

Downtown Brooklyn Star: A poor attempt to analyse the fight along racial lines. It more accurately describes how players were dressed than the history of racial division in this fight.

NoLandGarb's Best to Worst Dressed Ranking from March 8: piccedmeeting.jpg
Letitia James (she always looks fine)
Gib Veconi (nice pants!)
Rev. Daughtry
Brad Lander
Al Rosner (extra points for cool 'stache, see right)
Marty Markowitz
Random Asian Chick
Marie Louis (Tar-jay fashion victim?)
Dan Goldstein
Patti Hagan (sorry, we don't show favortism for the NoLandGrab Tee.)


NoLandGrab: Seriously, Ratner is successfully exploiting neighborhood tensions along racial lines, while stealthily maneuvering along class lines. He "fairly treats" the wealthiest residents by paying way above market rate for their homes and leaves the rest to deal with the free market forces (EMINENT DOMAIN).

Posted by lumi at March 22, 2005 12:01 PM