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February 4, 2005


Marty poses with a representation of the Titanic mess he's making of Brooklyn. And Tony Danza.

The Brooklyn Papers covers Marty's State of the Borough address:

The mention of the Ratner project drew loud boos from anti-arena activists Patti and Schellie Hagan, who sat among a pool of reporters in the back of the auditorium. When Markowitz promised that the project would create “about 10,000 permanent new jobs” and “15,000 construction-related jobs” the sisters shouted in unison, “Lies.” The shouting drew two community affairs police officers, who on two occasions threatened to throw out the critics.

Possibly predicting protests, Markowitz also acknowledged criticism of the plan in his address.

“I want to say right now that I fully understand — and share the concerns — of local area residents who have spoken out in opposition to this development,” said Markowitz. “People of goodwill can differ.

“And constructive opposition is something I value and cherish because I honestly believe that — in the end — it makes for a better plan.

“The Nets arena — and the Atlantic Yards project — will go forward, but it must work for both Brooklyn and for the community surrounding the arena,” he said. “Because people do not move out of Brooklyn today seeking a better life. They move out because they can’t afford the good life we have here.”


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