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December 24, 2004

Yard Battle: UNITY vs. FCRC

Brooklyn Downtown Star:

Until recently, one of Ratner's best arguments for moving forward with his mammoth vision was the lack of coherent alternatives. Marshall Brown and his political patrons are currently working overtime to change that. The UNITY plan, designed by Brown and sponsored by City Council Member Letitia James and State Senator Velmanette Montgomery, has recently been making the rounds of press conferences, workshops, and community meetings.

Last Wednesday was the first time Brown got a chance to present his baby, formally, to a community board. "This is not a done deal," he immediately informed the Land Use Committee, speaking of Ratner's plans. "There are better options for this site and this is one of them."


Brown's UNITY Plan proposes: * no eminent domain condemnation * average height of buildings, 10 stories * no buildings over 17 stories * build on 11 acres, not 24 * no street closings * adding streets to "stich" neighborhoods together * more retail space

Check out the details in the article.

Posted by lumi at December 24, 2004 8:05 AM