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December 3, 2004

PERSPECTIVE: Homeowners against eminent domain tracking case

AP, The Akron Beacon Journal:

Akorn, Brooklyn, with eminent domain, the song remains the same. "Eminent domain obstructionists" and homeowners, Carl and Joy Gamble fight to keep the home they've lived in for 35 years.

Maybe Ratner, his PR frontman Jim Stuckey and the Emipre State Development Corporation might try the Norwood, OH tactic:

The city and the developer have contended - and a judge ruled - that the city of Norwood had the right to use eminent domain to acquire the property and turn it over to a private developer as part of urban renewal. They also argued that eminent domain applied not because the area is "blighted," but is "deteriorating."

Joy Gamble's response:

"They're going to take it away from us for what it might become?" said Joy Gamble, who has her own views on what's deteriorating. "Everything's deteriorating, including my health," she said. "Maybe they'll condemn me, too."


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