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August 19, 2004

New York's Other Real Estate Mogul

Bruce Ratner, unlike high-profile rival Donald Trump, sees beyond Manhattan. Here's how he plans to revitalize Brooklyn
Business Week bruceratnersidebar.jpg

Bruce C. Ratner, the new owner of the New Jersey Nets basketball team, walks into the darkened control room of a Manhattan recording studio and shakes hands with two young producers. Ratner's day job is in property development; the tie he removed en route to this evening's recording session peeks out from the pocket of his rumpled suit coat. "I'm not cool, you know," he announces as the producers cue the sample Nets jingles they've worked up in a variety of styles. Ratner, 59, perches on the edge of a couch, smiling broadly and bobbing his head as hip-hop follows rock and reggae. "Wow!" he exclaims


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