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January 31, 2004

Brooklyn Paper's Coverage of Nets Purchase and Development Deal

Brooklyn Papers has been covering the Nets sale and the development plans for six months. This page contains their list of articles.

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Mapping the new Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Papers

It’s the most exciting Brooklyn news in five decades.

But Bruce Ratner’s plan to bring the New Jersey Nets to an arena he would build near the intersection of Atlantic and Flatbush avenues is miniscule in comparison to all the development planned for the greater Downtown and Brownstone Brooklyn areas. The arena is even dwarfed by the massive office and residential towers that Ratner plans to build immediately adjacent to it, towers that would substantially obscure the arena from the view of motorists on busy Flatbush Avenue.

The article gives a run-down of: * the "massive" Downtown Brooklyn Plan, * Park Slope's Fourth Ave. upzoning, * IKEA and the Piers, and * Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Advocates of the overlapping Downtown Brooklyn Plan and Atlantic Yards (which form one entity, only a tiny portion of which would house the Nets) want the projects discussed separately.

But only by considering jointly the imact of all the projects shown above can any of them be properly evaluated.


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